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Selling Damaged Mobile Phones

If you live in the UK, you are lucky because after you have had full use of your mobile phone, all will not be lost even if it is damaged because you can sell it to one of the recycling companies that specialise in buying the damaged mobile phones and recycling them. It is important that you choose the company that you want to deal with carefully, seeing as there are so many teeming online. While all of them claim to be the best, you had better make up your mind what the best one really is and therefore, you will have to do some ample research before you can settle on one company.

Look for reputation and read the testimonials and the customer reviews that have been posted by other users. Even if you are selling a non working phone to go to the recycling plant, you still want to know that you rally have the best price. After all, why should you sell your phone for just a few quid while it could fetch you much more elsewhere? Different companies will buy the dead phones at different prices and terms and conditions. Therefore, it will be to your advantage to review all of those terms so that you can know what is good for you.

In case you are wondering why it is important to sell off your used mobile phone to a recycling company it is important to know that if the mobile phones are disposed off in landfills, they have a harmful effect on the environment. They affect the soil and the water and thus they also affect the plants and the wildlife directly.

Mobile phone recycling companies to choose from in the UK;

Envirofone is one of the most reputed phone recycling companies in the UK. They claim that they can buy your dead phone at 85% of its price when its working. Going by the rates at which they are growing, it might just be true that they indeed do pay a good price for damaged mobiles. Currently, they have opened a branch in Sweden and are already headed to Holland. Their terms are simple; 100% guarantee on price satisfaction or you gets your phone back.

Mazuma Mobile is another phone recycling company in the UK that promises you some of the greatest rates in the market for your dead phones. However just how great or how good they are, you have to first deal with them to experience that. The good thing is that you can get a lot of information about the company online, therefore helping you make a wise decision. Whether they buy or not depends on their assessment of your non working phone. You can login to their official website to see their rates, terms and conditions.

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